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You’ll always be spoilt for choice with hotels or apartments, however, it’s our job to ensure we find the best fit for you inclusive of your travel goals and your budget. Have the confidence knowing you’ll be able to enter the building, your room, and bathroom, you’ll have access to the right facilities and enjoy the simple pleasures of an accessible holiday.



Community participation and social integration can’t get any more exciting than experiencing Tours and Attractions whilst in your destination. The iSCREAM Team will help you design your trip based on your goals whilst keeping your budget in mind.



Leave the stress and anxiety of traveling with your valuable equipment at home as we can work with you to organise everything you need to be waiting for you in your accommodation venue including consumables if required. Start with a simple shower chair, commode, or hoist, or go to the extent of requesting a high low bed.


We work with you to design your entire journey; packaging, accommodation, tours, equipment, care services and consumables. Your holiday destination will be ready to go, filled with the comforts of your own home. You can finally be on that dream vacation, relax and unwind because it’s our job to ensure your holiday is completely stress-free.



Not everyone travels with their carer, so if a little extra assistance is required at your destination, we will partner you with the best care to suit your needs.



Do you require a catheter change during your stay, advance bowel care regimes or wound care need’s met? We can pair you together with qualified registered nurses to ensure your health and comfort is maintained no matter where in the world you are.



Want to lighten your luggage load? Let us help you by arranging door to door delivery of your continence, nutritional, respiratory and/or wound care needs.

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