6 Helpful Apps For Travellers With Disabilities

Technology can be very helpful when you’re embarking on a trip. Finding the right apps can make things so much easier. Here’s a list of a few apps that can come in handy during your travels.

Be My Eyes App

Available on IOS and Android

Price: Free

This app helps people who are blind or visually impaired to receive assistance from sighted volunteers. It allows the volunteers to lend their eyes through a live video chat. The blind or visually impaired users can request help from volunteers for anything, no matter how small the task. It’s a great app to make a difference in someone’s life.


Available on IOS and Android

Price: Free

Wheelmap is a free online map that can help you find accessible public areas using your smartphone. You can mark areas, upload images, and add information about a certain place on the map which will help in making it easier to find out what is accessible and what is not. It’s a helpful app that will allow wheelchair users to get around easier.

There is another free app that is very similar and follows the same system. It’s called: Wheelguide Accessibility and is also available on IOS and Android. 

Deaf- Hearing Chat (DH Chat)

Available on IOS and Android

Price:  Android — $5.49 IOS — $9.99

DH Chat is an app that allows someone who is deaf to be able to communicate face-to-face with people without sign-language or a sign interpreter. It uses speech to text translation with large, clear text that is visible on screen. It works offline and is perfect for deaf and hearing people.

Looktel Money Reader — IOS Only

Price: Free

This app helps people who are visually impaired or blind to easily identify and count bills. It supports 21 currencies and is a great app if you are travelling. All you do is point your camera at the bill and the app will tell you in real-time what it is. 

For Android users there is an app called Cash Reader: Bill Identifier and is very similar. It does the same thing as Looktel Money Reader and supports many more currencies than the IOS version.

Miracle Modus

Available on IOS and Android

Price: Free

This is perfect for anyone who has autism, as sensory overload can be calmed by the app which emits soothing patterns and sounds. So, if you‘re experiencing sensory overload during your trip this app will be helpful to have with all the shapes, sounds, interactions and many more things that are available on the app.

My Therapy Medication Reminder, Pill Reminder, Health Tracker

Available on IOS and Android

Price: Free

Sometimes when travelling mundane things that can be very necessary to daily life, such as medication, can slip from your mind. But with My Therapy you’ll have a daily reminder and won’t need to wonder if you did take your medication that day, you’ll have it all on the app.

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