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Top Ten Accessible Activities you must try when on the Gold Coast

Spoilt for choice is an understatement when it comes to things to do when on the Gold Coast but we are always asked our top recommendations from an accessible view point and I’m pleased to share that not everything comes at a cost. Better yet, when a cost is included, on most occasions, the team at iSCREAM Travel can organise not only a discounted rate for you, but if you have a companion card, most places offer free entry to your companion - who doesn't love a free bonus from time to time. Here's a list of our top 10 recommendations that we provide our travellers, but the choices are endless so these are just a snippet as to what this beautiful and exciting destination can offer:

  1. Theme Parks

Gold Coast Theme Parks are all accessible and to add to your VIP experience, every park offers a complimentary experience assessment with a health professional so you know what you can and can’t do specific to you and your abilities. My personal favourite is Dreamworld with its new SkyVoyager which is wheelchair accessible and audio friendly. Though not all rides are accessible for everyone, its always great fun watching how people react when toppled, twisted and turned and their shrieks are always entertaining. The best part about Dreamworld is that its not all about rides, there's shows and attractions of course, but what its truly famous for is Tiger Island where you can sit and watch these magestic cats all day in their re-created natural environment along with and their playful handlers who's always willing to have a bit of fun with them. Plus there's Dreamworlds Corroboree full of a huge selection of Australian wildlife including kangaroos who love a good selfie and Betsie the emu who will summon a pat and Goldie the Eagle who will play fetch with a stick if you ask her in the right tone. There truly is too much to do in a day and as an added bonus, if you have a companion card, your carer enters for free.

2. Beachfront Pathways

Cruise along the beachfront with countless options from the look out at the Spit, through to the Surfers Paradise esplanade with a photo under the iconic sign, to nestling in with the cool kids at Burleigh Beach along the beach front there. Make this an early morning adventure or something to do during the day but don't forget your camera as there's always something incredible to capture. If heading to Burleigh closer to lunch time, make sure you pop into the Burleigh Pavillion for a bite with a view that is second to none.

3. The beach

Hit the beach - yes you heard us… go to the beach, on the sand and into the water. Along the coastline, a select number Surf Clubs actually stock and roll out beach mats and have beach chairs available for hire allowing you the same opportunity a every other Gold Coast holiday maker to actually get down and onto the beach. The lifeguards love giving a helping hand but if you're a bit hesitant, let us know and we will arrange a one on one session with one of our friendly Occupational Therapists who have beach access packages to boost your independence and confidence when it comes to opportunities such as accessing the Beach.

4. Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you’re more one for a view, go for an iconic Gold Coast hot air balloon ride in one of Australia’s only wheelchair accessible balloons and drift along the coastline, taking in the sights of our stunning Gold Coast and hinterland. The mornings are early, but be prepared to set the alarm but we can tell you, its absolutely worth the wake up and to finish it off, you get breakfast and bubbles giving you a chance to reminisce on the breathtaking experience you've just had.

5. High Tea at SkyPoint

While we are on a high, you must book in one afternoon for SkyTea in on the SkyPoint Observation deck on the 77th floor of the Q1, the Gold Coasts tallest residential building. Here you’ll indulge in delicious treats, sip on tea or bubbles and soak in the most spectacular sunsets you’ll ever see. While there, you can even learn a thing or 2 about the Gold Coast from its beginnings to its surf culture and even fun facts like my favourite- there are more canals on the Gold Coast than in Venice and Amsterdam combined! Just look for yourself while you’re there!

6. iFly

If Adrenalin junkie is more your style, head on over to iFly, a cool and extremely fun indoor skydiving venue where the crew are equipped with the know how to get you in and up in the air all whilst being supported.

7. Lumber Punks Axe Throwing

What about if you’ve had one of those days, sick of other tourists or dare we say it (your family). Lets face it, holidays sound great but there's always going to be times you need to let off a little steam... Well, we have the solution - head to Miami to Lumber Punks Axe Throwing and channel your inner Jason Momoa and throw some axes at a wall to get it out of your system. The venue is wheelchair accessible and the team are equipped with sandbags to balance you and your chair or stabilise you if you're a bit wobbly on your feet to ensure you don’t go flying with the tomahawks. Of course this one isn’t for everyone but the friendly and impressively knowledgeable staff will guide you and support your style to give it a go. There’s a number of locals in the accessible community on the top ranking scoreboard so see if you can up the anti and get your name on the brag board.

8. Miami Marketta

Since we are in the neighbourhood, you’ve got to grab dinner and entertainment at Miami Marketta. Not only is it a cool and funky venue, but it’s packed to the rafters with food trucks to tempt your tastebuds, the cocktails are incredible and there’s live music - better yet, add in a few cool stores to check out while you are in there. My guilty pleasure is the paella and margaritas followed by gluten free donuts - best food coma material ever!

9. The Gold Coast Hinterland

Taking things a little slower to embrace the holiday mode and that’s a trip to the hinterland. Hire a car and head to Hinze Dam to cruise along the dam wall and soak in the sights and the native wildlife too. Grab a coffee there or continue on up Springbrook way to Flying Bean Cafe with the most delectable cakes and beverages to enjoy while you watch the paraglider’s dance through the air from the take off next to the cafe. Continue through the mountains to Mt Tambourine where you can visit a winery, stop into Witches Chase cheeses for the best triple cream cheese you’ll ever try or indulge in some famous fudge made daily on the mountain. Enjoy the drive through the rain forest and slowly make your way back to the coast for a much deserved afternoon nap after all that fresh mountain air.

10. Pink Flamingo

Finally lets get loud again...You can’t visit the Gold Coast without catching a cabaret show. Dracula’s is always a crowd favourite to sink your teeth into, but we are also loving the new shows coming out of Pink Flamingo which is certainly going to leave you a little fluffed and feathered afterwards. The venue is up stairs, however there’s a secret elevator which takes you “back stage”… ok it’s through the kitchen, but it’s well worth the detour to get to your viewing area for the show. Then sit back and get ready to be amazed with the incredible talent that will grace the stage and leave you begging for more. Just a word of warning, this probably isn't a show you want to go and watch with your mother or grandmother, so if you are travelling with family and need to book care support for the night to take you to the show, let us know and we'll package it into your stay and establish if your funding will cover your extra support for a exciting night out.

There really are so many options to do on the Gold Coast and we have barely scratched the surface - don’t even start us on shopping options or must book events… but if options are what you want, contact the team now via, allow them get a feel for what makes you tick and let them provide you some options to ensure your Gold Coast holiday is filled with experiences that create memories to last a lifetime!

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